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Are Junior Boarding Schools Just for Jocks?

Like most boarding schools across the country, at The Fessenden School, we require our Middle and Upper School boys to participate in sports throughout the academic year. For some families, this is not a problem. High-quality playing facilities and top-notch competition are exactly what they want for their athletically gifted sons. For a number of...
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Why I Chose a Private Pre-K Instead of Preschool for My 4-Year-Old Son

As they set out to research educational options for their youngest son, Dave Visco and his wife Jen were met with the same confusion that many families encounter when looking at a long list of schools. Take a glance at this list of preschools in Newton, Mass., and you’ll find—among other things— preschools, pre-kindergartens, playschools,...
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4 Things I Wish Other Parents Told Me About Single-Sex Private Schools

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If you’re up to your eyeballs in research, comparing private schools with public schools, trying to choose between single-sex and coed schools, and deciding whether to start your son in kindergarten or pre-kindergarten, you could use a guide like Dave Visco. He’s been in your shoes—three times. Dave’s three sons are students here at The...
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