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The Evolution of the School Project

Do you remember making sugar cube pyramids as a child during your study of ancient Egypt? Or shoebox dioramas during your research of our world’s ecosystems? A lot has changed since students were asked to learn content within a particular subject area and represent it in a narrowly-defined way. Lately, schools are coming around to...
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The Importance of Communication Skills and When to Build Them

Think about the number of times you have been required to interact with colleagues, peers, or strangers in the last week. Have you attended a work meeting? Participated in an important discussion that required a shared consensus? Or simply had to send an email to a group of people? Communication and public speaking are critical...
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Does Your Child’s Preschool Spark Joy?

Preschool Spark Joy

There’s a lot to be said for cherishing the things that spark joy in your life. Just ask Marie Kondo or any of her “Tidying Up” devotees. But while the KonMari Method has swept the States by storm and people are blessing their belongings goodbye in search of happiness, the idea of joy is a...
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Why Preschool Children Should Have Control Over Their Learning

When you imagine the ideal classroom environment for your preschooler, it probably looks like a colorful, orderly space where students are engaged, actively participating, and genuinely excited to learn. But what happens in a student-directed environment that promotes choice? Don’t conjure up images of “Kindergarten Cop” where students are screaming and running amok. Student-focused education...
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The Case for Studying Spanish in Pre-K and Kindergarten

At Fessenden, we believe students benefit in myriad ways from studying a second (or third) language. In fact, you can often find our youngest learners exploring Spanish in our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes. Throughout the year, children in our earliest grades expand their cultural awareness, reinforce fundamentals (such as math and literacy), and have fun...
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Pre-K Specials: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

In most middle and high schools, elective courses are offered to students to supplement core classes (English, math, science, history). You may even remember electives as your favorite subjects in school. Did you master the art of photography in a dark room? Perhaps you developed culinary techniques in home economics? Research suggests that it is...
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Why Social-Emotional Development is More Important than Academics in Pre-K

Whether your child previously participated in a childcare center or Pre-K will be his first formal educational setting, it’s common to prioritize the curriculum and specific areas of study as you evaluate the best fit for your little learner. After all, everyone is talking about “kindergarten readiness,” and you want to be sure that your...
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The Spirit of Childhood: Fessenden’s Fourth Grade Campout

Fessenden Fourth Grade Campout

The spirit of childhood plays a significant role in the character of a school. At Fessenden, we have many traditions that center around this philosophy. The Red and Gray tug-of-war on Field Day, for example, dates back to the School’s founding days, and our newer tradition of the Fessy Lip Dub adds excitement to the...
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