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The Future of Private Schools: What to Expect

In an article titled “What Keeps School Leaders Up at Night” in the Winter 2019 issue of Independent School Magazine, K-12 educational consultant Grant Lichtman disseminated research from his interviews with more than 250 heads of school and senior administrators. Curious about the main concerns that are front-of-mind for school leaders, he set out to...
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The Evolution of the School Project

Do you remember making sugar cube pyramids as a child during your study of ancient Egypt? Or shoebox dioramas during your research of our world’s ecosystems? A lot has changed since students were asked to learn content within a particular subject area and represent it in a narrowly-defined way. Lately, schools are coming around to...
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The Importance of Communication Skills and When to Build Them

Think about the number of times you have been required to interact with colleagues, peers, or strangers in the last week. Have you attended a work meeting? Participated in an important discussion that required a shared consensus? Or simply had to send an email to a group of people? Communication and public speaking are critical...
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5 Ways to Measure the ‘Success’ of a Boarding School Program

In more ways than one, boarding school is an investment. There is, of course, the financial reality of tuition associated with a private school education. But the term “investment” extends beyond the financial cost of a tuition-driven educational experience. It is also an investment in your child’s future. As you consider private school as an...
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Can Tradition Really Coexist With Innovation in Middle School?

In a time of accelerated change in nearly every aspect of life, private schools often strive to deliver a program that blends tradition with innovation, simultaneously honoring the past and preparing students for the future. The terms “traditional” and “innovative” are seemingly paradoxical, so what does this actually mean? And how can you determine whether...
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The Private School Difference In a World of Standardized Tests

Private School Difference

If you’re one of the many parents deciding between private and public school for your child, you know there are myriad considerations ranging from the cost of tuition to the intangible feel of an academic environment. With subtle differences at each grade level—organized sports won’t rank high on your priority list if you’re in the...
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Does Your Child’s Preschool Spark Joy?

Preschool Spark Joy

There’s a lot to be said for cherishing the things that spark joy in your life. Just ask Marie Kondo or any of her “Tidying Up” devotees. But while the KonMari Method has swept the States by storm and people are blessing their belongings goodbye in search of happiness, the idea of joy is a...
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Why Parents Must Get Comfortable with the Word ‘Failure’

Parents often have a visceral reaction to the word “failure” in the context of student learning. This is especially true of parents who pay tuition at a private or independent school. An investment in your child’s education should lead to success, right? And isn’t failure antithetical to achievement? You already know the answer to this,...
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How Community Service Shapes Executive Functioning

The middle school years mark an important transition for young boys. Their educational journeys will undergo big changes as they move from a contained classroom setting with a single teacher to an experience in which they may see four or five different teachers per day. However, this is not the only change. Their adolescent brains...
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