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Does Your Child’s Preschool Spark Joy?

Preschool Spark Joy

There’s a lot to be said for cherishing the things that spark joy in your life. Just ask Marie Kondo or any of her “Tidying Up” devotees. But while the KonMari Method has swept the States by storm and people are blessing their belongings goodbye in search of happiness, the idea of joy is a...
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Why Parents Must Get Comfortable with the Word ‘Failure’

Parents often have a visceral reaction to the word “failure” in the context of student learning. This is especially true of parents who pay tuition at a private or independent school. An investment in your child’s education should lead to success, right? And isn’t failure antithetical to achievement? You already know the answer to this,...
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How Community Service Shapes Executive Functioning

The middle school years mark an important transition for young boys. Their educational journeys will undergo big changes as they move from a contained classroom setting with a single teacher to an experience in which they may see four or five different teachers per day. However, this is not the only change. Their adolescent brains...
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The Case for Studying Spanish in Pre-K and Kindergarten

At Fessenden, we believe students benefit in myriad ways from studying a second (or third) language. In fact, you can often find our youngest learners exploring Spanish in our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes. Throughout the year, children in our earliest grades expand their cultural awareness, reinforce fundamentals (such as math and literacy), and have fun...
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The ABCs of Middle School Boys: ‘C’ is for Change

This is part 3 of a three-part series. In parts one and two of this three-part series, we addressed common challenges and fears that can be associated with parenting a middle school boy. We assured you that feeling uncomfortable and uncertain about your parenting techniques is normal, and that it’s healthy and developmentally appropriate for...
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Pre-K Specials: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

In most middle and high schools, elective courses are offered to students to supplement core classes (English, math, science, history). You may even remember electives as your favorite subjects in school. Did you master the art of photography in a dark room? Perhaps you developed culinary techniques in home economics? Research suggests that it is...
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Team Sports vs. Individual Sports: How to Help Your Child Choose

There’s no question about the health benefits of enrolling your young child in a sport. Studies show that physically active kids benefit from higher test scores, are less likely to become obese, are more likely to go to college, and often see higher earning potential as they grow into adulthood. The Aspen Institute Sports &...
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Why Fourth Grade is a Great Time to Enroll in a Private School

Fourth Grade Private School - Fessenden

Fourth grade is a year of significant change for young, growing learners, which makes it a great time to consider enrolling in a private school. In the fourth grade, students are beginning to become self aware and to see themselves within the context of their environments. They know when their math or literacy skills are...
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Managing Screen Time at Boarding School

managing screen time at boarding schools

A common anxiety-provoking question that parents often ponder is, “how much screen time is too much?” From toddlers to teenagers, parents are faced with the difficult task of managing their children’s use of televisions, tablets, video games, smartphones—and, within phones, the seemingly infinite world of apps and games. Parents wonder if excessive screen time will...
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