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Team Sports vs. Individual Sports: How to Help Your Child Choose

There’s no question about the health benefits of enrolling your young child in a sport. Studies show that physically active kids benefit from higher test scores, are less likely to become obese, are more likely to go to college, and often see higher earning potential as they grow into adulthood. The Aspen Institute Sports &...
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Managing Screen Time at Boarding School

managing screen time at boarding schools

A common anxiety-provoking question that parents often ponder is, “how much screen time is too much?” From toddlers to teenagers, parents are faced with the difficult task of managing their children’s use of televisions, tablets, video games, smartphones—and, within phones, the seemingly infinite world of apps and games. Parents wonder if excessive screen time will...
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3 Things to Look for in a Junior Boarding School’s Weekend Program

When considering a junior boarding school, most parents and students review academic, athletic, and artistic programs under a microscope. Beyond the core programs, people often evaluate the facilities during a campus tour, ask about faculty-to-student ratios, and glance at a typical boarding student’s schedule. But what actually happens outside of the classroom? It’s important not...
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How Innovation and Boarding Schools Go Hand-in-Hand

What do boarding schools and marshmallow-powered jetpacks have in common? Resources and innovation. Just ask Fessenden alumnus Charlie Schlager, a self-proclaimed tinkerer. As a child, Charlie liked to take things apart to see how they worked. And, as much as he liked to break things, he was driven to create. “I wanted to build things,...
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Boarding Schools: When Structure Actually Prevents Growth

boarding school schedule

When people think about boarding school, they often think of structure. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Attend classes. Play sports. Study. Sleep. Repeat. While this is true of most schools, and there is great value in providing structure to young learners, there is also great value in adding a little mystery to children’s lives. According to...
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