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5 Ways to Measure the ‘Success’ of a Boarding School Program

In more ways than one, boarding school is an investment. There is, of course, the financial reality of tuition associated with a private school education. But the term “investment” extends beyond the financial cost of a tuition-driven educational experience. It is also an investment in your child’s future. As you consider private school as an...
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Can Tradition Really Coexist With Innovation in Middle School?

In a time of accelerated change in nearly every aspect of life, private schools often strive to deliver a program that blends tradition with innovation, simultaneously honoring the past and preparing students for the future. The terms “traditional” and “innovative” are seemingly paradoxical, so what does this actually mean? And how can you determine whether...
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Team Sports vs. Individual Sports: How to Help Your Child Choose

There’s no question about the health benefits of enrolling your young child in a sport. Studies show that physically active kids benefit from higher test scores, are less likely to become obese, are more likely to go to college, and often see higher earning potential as they grow into adulthood. The Aspen Institute Sports &...
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What Actual Students Are Saying About Junior Boarding School

If you’re considering boarding school for your child, there is no better way to get an authentic feel for a program than to hear from the students themselves. Whether you want to learn about dorm life or the food in the dining hall, you can always count on students to share the real spirit of...
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Managing Screen Time at Boarding School

managing screen time at boarding schools

A common anxiety-provoking question that parents often ponder is, “how much screen time is too much?” From toddlers to teenagers, parents are faced with the difficult task of managing their children’s use of televisions, tablets, video games, smartphones—and, within phones, the seemingly infinite world of apps and games. Parents wonder if excessive screen time will...
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