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Is a Quality Pre-K Program Essential to Your Child’s Future?

Importance of Pre-K

If you’re preparing for your young child’s academic journey to begin, you may have encountered the term “kindergarten readiness” in your research. But what does it actually mean? How ready does your child need to be for kindergarten? It may be hard to reconcile an image of your spirited three-year-old with a vision of a...
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More Than Academics: Three Things to Look for When Evaluating Private Schools for Your Kindergartner

If you’ve started searching for a private kindergarten for your son, you’ve probably already realized, the differences between schools are not always very clear. Most private kindergartens have strong academic programs, especially those that are part of larger elementary and middle schools. So academics can’t be the only area you look at when you compare...
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2 Reasons It’s a Myth a Private School Will Coddle Your Son

Private School Will Coddle Your Son

Is a private school education too soft? If you enroll your son in a private elementary school, will he be too sheltered? Will he leave school lacking the toughness, the drive, and the street smarts to make his mark in the unforgiving outside world? As your son approaches kindergarten age, one of the first decisions...
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Private Schools and “Teaching to the Test”: Why Lack of State Testing is an Advantage

Standardized testing, to measure how well schools and educators are teaching children, is constantly under debate. Government programs, such as “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top,” were implemented to give states a standard by which to hold our education system accountable. Instead, these programs have created divides among parents, teachers, and politicians....
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3 Reasons to Give Single-Sex Pre-K a Second Chance

Your quest to find the pre-kindergarten program in the Boston area that fits your son perfectly has stalled. Nothing seems quite right. Is it time to give up or compromise? Before you relax your standards, we suggest taking a second look at a category of pre-K programs you may have dismissed out of hand when you...
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