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Pre-K Specials: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

In most middle and high schools, elective courses are offered to students to supplement core classes (English, math, science, history). You may even remember electives as your favorite subjects in school. Did you master the art of photography in a dark room? Perhaps you developed culinary techniques in home economics? Research suggests that it is...
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Why Social-Emotional Development is More Important than Academics in Pre-K

Whether your child previously participated in a childcare center or Pre-K will be his first formal educational setting, it’s common to prioritize the curriculum and specific areas of study as you evaluate the best fit for your little learner. After all, everyone is talking about “kindergarten readiness,” and you want to be sure that your...
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The Spirit of Childhood: Fessenden’s Fourth Grade Campout

Fessenden Fourth Grade Campout

The spirit of childhood plays a significant role in the character of a school. At Fessenden, we have many traditions that center around this philosophy. The Red and Gray tug-of-war on Field Day, for example, dates back to the School’s founding days, and our newer tradition of the Fessy Lip Dub adds excitement to the...
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Is a Quality Pre-K Program Essential to Your Child’s Future?

Importance of Pre-K

If you’re preparing for your young child’s academic journey to begin, you may have encountered the term “kindergarten readiness” in your research. But what does it actually mean? How ready does your child need to be for kindergarten? It may be hard to reconcile an image of your spirited three-year-old with a vision of a...
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Can Reading Help Your Child Avoid the ‘Summer Slide’?

There is a natural crescendo of any school year that typically culminates with a finale of tests, projects, events, and celebrations. Children (and parents) often crave rest and relaxation after the last bell rings. Whether students have been studying language development in Pre-K, or global citizenship in middle school, it is undoubtedly important to take...
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How to Help Your Child Master Elementary School Math Skills

American math test scores have been a topic of debate for more than a decade, and the data is nothing short of disheartening. But schools are beginning to look toward successful international math programs, and there is hope that by rethinking the way we teach math, educators can increase national test scores and improve math...
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Why Fourth Grade is a Great Time to Enroll in a Private School

Fourth Grade Private School - Fessenden

Fourth grade is a year of significant change for young, growing learners, which makes it a great time to consider enrolling in a private school. In the fourth grade, students are beginning to become self aware and to see themselves within the context of their environments. They know when their math or literacy skills are...
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Fourth Grade: A Time to Encourage Complex Conversations

Fourth Grade: Encouraging Complex Conversations The need to educate socially adept global citizens and learners is more crucial now than ever before. Shaping compassionate, agile, and resilient children is becoming increasingly important in the 21st century, as complex national and global issues are omnipresent and we are connected by continually advancing technology. But when is...
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