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7 Signs Your 5-Year-Old Is Ready For Private Kindergarten

In Massachusetts, children must begin school in September of the calendar year in which they turn 6. But most elementary schools — public and private — allow students to start earlier than that. For example, Newton Public Schools allow children to begin kindergarten if they have turned 5 by Aug. 31. At The Fessenden School,...
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3 Reasons Your Son Will Shine at an All-Boys Junior Boarding School

It’s well-established that boys and girls learn differently. Cognitive differences between the sexes start showing up in our brains when we are quite young. “Brain-imaging technology shows the differences in living color,” Psychologist and brain development expert David Walsh told PBS in 2014. “A growing body of research on these differences points us to a...
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How a Junior Boarding School Will Help You Raise a Global Citizen

Global Boarding School Classroom

We’ve seen it happen already in our lifetimes. The world is becoming smaller and more connected. National borders and language barriers are being transcended with technology and an increased consciousness of the value of different cultures and ways of life. Imagine how much the world will change during your children’s lifetimes. Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, an...
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The Case for Spending Ninth Grade at a Junior Boarding School

9th grade boarding students in the library

Secondary boarding schools traditionally start with boys entering in ninth grade (their “freshman” year). But many junior boarding schools offer the ability to continue studying in their program through ninth grade (and then start secondary school in tenth). So if you’re planning on sending your son to boarding school for high school, you face a...
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The iLab: A Space for A Boy’s Imagination

“Raise your hand if you would like to go to the iLab.” Throughout the Schoolroom, hands dart into the air, each boy hoping to secure one of the ten available slots that will allow him to spend the next forty-five minutes in our popular iLab Makerspace. The opportunity to collaborate on a new project or...
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6 Tips for Raising a Good Young Man in Pre-Kindergarten

“Treat others as you would want them to treat you.” There’s a reason this adage is so popular and most people can recite it by heart. Words can be a powerful tool in teaching young boys how to treat others with kindness and make responsible decisions. Of course, with all their energy focused on play,...
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