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It Is A Wonderful Life!

Each holiday season, a favorite tradition for many of us is a viewing of the classic film It’s a Wonderful Life. Frank Capra’s beloved story about the fictional town of Bedford Falls, and of George Bailey’s despair over his meaningless life, does more than merely warm our hearts during its yearly showing. It prompts us...
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Help! My Middle School Son Won’t Clean His Room


The messy room is as close as anything gets to a universal parenting challenge. One psychologist told the Chicago Tribune messy rooms have been the top complaint of parents for as long as such records have been kept. Other articles describe the teen and pre-teen bedroom as a “battleground,” offer advice for “winning the chore...
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10 Private Elementary Schools Within 20 Minutes of Boston

If you live in Boston, one of the perks of enrolling your child in a private school, rather than taking your chances in the Boston Public Schools lottery, is the ability to expand your school search beyond the city limits. The city of Boston offers many excellent educational opportunities for students starting in pre-kindergarten or...
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The Importance of Play in Pre-K: 3 Expert Opinions


You spend eight hours or more every day perfecting your profession, working your way up, and supporting your family. What does your 4-year-old do all day? He plays. As the teachers at The Fessenden School say, “Play is the work of childhood.” And the experts agree: Play is just as important to growing young minds...
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4 Everyday Opportunities to Help Prepare Your Son for Kindergarten


Whether your son is advancing from pre-K or entering school for the very first time, kindergarten will be a very different world for him. In kindergarten, your son’s social skills, motor skills, and cognitive abilities will be challenged in many ways. In our article, “7 Signs Your 5-Year-Old Is Ready For Private Kindergarten,” Boston-based educational...
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The New and the Tried and True

We recently asked Dan Kiley, one of Fessenden’s most beloved and longest-tenured faculty members, to share his thoughts on the start of the 2016-2017 academic year. For me, the opening of a new school year always conjures feelings of excitement mixed with trepidation and anxiety. After nearly forty years of teaching, I still get “butterflies”...
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4 Ways to Give Your Kids a Great Education Without Leaving Boston

Do you really have to leave Boston as soon as your first child turns four? For families throughout the city, it’s an agonizing choice. You love Boston: the diverse, walkable neighborhoods; the restaurants, museums, and endless things to do; the rich history. This is the city you call home. But some things are even more...
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3 Signs Your Son is Too Smart for His Middle School


When are good grades not good enough? When your son is bored in school. When the material is too easy, doesn’t challenge or engage them, gifted middle school boys tend to coast on their smarts. They may slack off on their homework, put the minimum amount of effort into class projects, and stay silent during...
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