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Help! My Middle School Son Won’t Clean His Room


The messy room is as close as anything gets to a universal parenting challenge. One psychologist told the Chicago Tribune messy rooms have been the top complaint of parents for as long as such records have been kept. Other articles describe the teen and pre-teen bedroom as a “battleground,” offer advice for “winning the chore...
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3 Signs Your Son is Too Smart for His Middle School


When are good grades not good enough? When your son is bored in school. When the material is too easy, doesn’t challenge or engage them, gifted middle school boys tend to coast on their smarts. They may slack off on their homework, put the minimum amount of effort into class projects, and stay silent during...
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Why are Sports Mandatory at Most Junior Boarding Schools?

Athletics participation is an integral, foundational, and, yes, usually mandatory part of the junior boarding school experience. And for some families, that’s a big reason they choose boarding school for their middle school-aged sons. Junior boarding schools tend to provide better facilities, a wider range of sports, and a higher level of competition than other...
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