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Most Popular Posts of the 2018-2019 Academic Year

It’s hard to believe that Fessenden’s academic year has come to a close. Before we gear up for another year of informative and entertaining editorial, we thought we would share your favorite posts from the 2018-2019 school year. Enjoy!   The Private School Difference in a World of Standardized Tests If you’re one of the...
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Matt Nathanson Visits Fessenden

Matt Nathanson Visits The Fessenden School West Newton MA

Whenever alumni drop by to see the School, they are surprised by the changes that have occurred since their departure, as they search out familiar places from their student days, often finding them to be very different than they recall. “The Schoolroom seems so much smaller than I remember it!” is a common remark, or...
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The Importance of Communication Skills and When to Build Them

Think about the number of times you have been required to interact with colleagues, peers, or strangers in the last week. Have you attended a work meeting? Participated in an important discussion that required a shared consensus? Or simply had to send an email to a group of people? Communication and public speaking are critical...
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A New Day for the Arts at Fessenden

Official Opening of the William R. Elfers ‘63 Center for the Arts On April 6, the Fessenden community gathered to celebrate the opening of the William R. Elfers ‘63 Center for the Arts. The evening featured the Grade 5-9 Arts Show and the unveiling of the School’s completely renovated and modernized arts facilities, including a...
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5 Ways to Measure the ‘Success’ of a Boarding School Program

In more ways than one, boarding school is an investment. There is, of course, the financial reality of tuition associated with a private school education. But the term “investment” extends beyond the financial cost of a tuition-driven educational experience. It is also an investment in your child’s future. As you consider private school as an...
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Can Tradition Really Coexist With Innovation in Middle School?

In a time of accelerated change in nearly every aspect of life, private schools often strive to deliver a program that blends tradition with innovation, simultaneously honoring the past and preparing students for the future. The terms “traditional” and “innovative” are seemingly paradoxical, so what does this actually mean? And how can you determine whether...
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When the Students are Away the Teachers Will “Play”

We tend to think of our time in school as the primary years we spend in the pursuit of knowledge when, in fact, the need to grow and develop our skills continues at every age. At Fessenden, being well informed and aware of new ideas and approaches in education is central to the excellence we...
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The Private School Difference In a World of Standardized Tests

Private School Difference

If you’re one of the many parents deciding between private and public school for your child, you know there are myriad considerations ranging from the cost of tuition to the intangible feel of an academic environment. With subtle differences at each grade level—organized sports won’t rank high on your priority list if you’re in the...
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