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3 Ways to Provide Stability to Your Middle Schooler During a Divorce

No parent wants to subject their child to unnecessary emotional distress, but sometimes, divorce is unavoidable. Middle schoolers already feel insecure about themselves. When a change like a divorce hits their family, it’s normal for everyone to have a wide variety of emotions to navigate. Research has shown that “although divorce is hard and often...
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Why Private School Transportation Is Easier Than You Think

You have enough trouble just getting to work—especially if you live in an area like Boston, with some of the worst traffic in the country. The prospect of dropping your son off at a private kindergarten program in another town, adding another stop to your already headache-inducing commute, is hardly appealing. The kindergarten program might...
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A Parent’s Perspective: What an All-Boys Private School Is Really Like

When Newton MA parents Dave and Jen Visco started searching for a kindergarten program for their oldest son, they didn’t know much about private schools. They weren’t totally convinced on public schools, either. And, as Dave puts it, “We certainly didn’t know a lot about single-sex private schools.” Does this sound familiar? Every year as...
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