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Festival of Lights

As we approach a much anticipated two week break for the holidays, the excitement in the halls is palpable. The boys can’t wait for the freedom from classes and homework that the vacation promises, but much of their exhilaration is also due to the joyous feelings that come with the myriad celebrations and traditions that...
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Spider at Drop Off

Directing traffic is Spider’s focus, and safety is his concern. Ensuring that cars follow the expected procedures to keep boys out of harm’s way, and that parents are given clear directions to make that happen has become second nature for him. He has been a reliable presence each morning for many of his more than thirty years at Fessenden.
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Redshirting: Are Parents Asking the Wrong Question?

Across the country, more and more parents are “redshirting” their children when it comes to kindergarten. The term comes from the college sports practice of benching an athlete for a year and prolonging his eligibility, giving him a chance to get bigger and stronger before he plays. Some parents of children born in the summer...
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