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Why Fourth Grade is a Great Time to Enroll in a Private School

Fourth Grade Private School - Fessenden

Fourth grade is a year of significant change for young, growing learners, which makes it a great time to consider enrolling in a private school. In the fourth grade, students are beginning to become self aware and to see themselves within the context of their environments. They know when their math or literacy skills are...
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Managing Screen Time at Boarding School

managing screen time at boarding schools

A common anxiety-provoking question that parents often ponder is, “how much screen time is too much?” From toddlers to teenagers, parents are faced with the difficult task of managing their children’s use of televisions, tablets, video games, smartphones—and, within phones, the seemingly infinite world of apps and games. Parents wonder if excessive screen time will...
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Fourth Grade: A Time to Encourage Complex Conversations

Fourth Grade: Encouraging Complex Conversations The need to educate socially adept global citizens and learners is more crucial now than ever before. Shaping compassionate, agile, and resilient children is becoming increasingly important in the 21st century, as complex national and global issues are omnipresent and we are connected by continually advancing technology. But when is...
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How Questions Shape Cognitive Development in Pre-K

Parents of preschool-aged children are subject to daily, hourly, and even minute-by-minute questions. Queries about what things are and how they work can be heard from car seats, at the dinner table, and in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. If you find yourself growing tired of answering so many questions—sometimes the same question three...
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