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Knowledge Is More Than a Google Search

There’s a story that goes like this. A man comes across three men laying bricks. He pauses to watch them and then walks over to the first man. “What are you doing?” he asks. The first bricklayer shrugs and says, “I’m making $15 an hour.” The man then moves on to the second bricklayer and...
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How Some Schools Work Against Boys’ Natural Learning Styles

It’s common knowledge that many girls mature faster than boys, particularly with regard to social and physical maturation. When it comes to education, however, the immaturity of boys often expresses itself in them being less verbal and more active. These differences result in many boys — even those with a strong desire to learn —...
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A Growth Mindset in the New Year

The start of each new year often comes with a pledge to accomplish those things we have struggled to conquer in the past. The tradition of New Year resolutions requires us to reflect on our weaknesses and focus on how we can overcome them. Typically, we recycle our pledges each year, hoping to get the...
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