Fessenden Students Enjoy Another Successful Placement Season

Each year our Secondary School Counseling team, led for over a decade by Tim Murphy, works in partnership with boys and their families to help them navigate the secondary school admissions process with responsibility and confidence.

Boys-with-caring-teacherWith a firsthand understanding of each boy’s strengths, passions, and dreams – the team recommends schools that will provide the best educational experience. Their relationship with our students and their knowledge of the secondary school landscape allows for the best possible placement to become a reality.  Finding the proper fit is our ultimate priority, and Fessenden graduates have a proven record of success at secondary schools. 2018 was no exception, as Fessenden boys were admitted to the following boarding schools:


(The number in parentheses indicates the number of students accepted at each school.)

American School of London (1)
Avon Old Farms School (1)
Berkshire School (1)
Brooks (12)
Choate Rosemary Hall (1)
Concord Academy (4)
Cushing Academy (5)
Deerfield Academy (5)
Governor’s Academy (4)
Groton School (2)
Gunnery (2)
Hill School (1)
Holderness School (2)
Hotchkiss School (2)
Kent (6)
Kents Hill School (1)
Kimball Union Academy (1)
Lawrenceville School (5)
Lawrence Academy (3)
Loomis Chaffee (4)
Mercersburg Academy (1)
Middlesex (6)
Millbrook School (2)
Milton Academy (5)
Northfield Mount Hermon (5)
Northwood School (1)
Peddie School (1)
Phillips Andover (6)
Phillips Exeter (3)
Pomfret School (5)
Portsmouth Abbey School (1)
Proctor (1)
Salisbury School (1)
St. Andrew’s College, Canada (1)
St. Andrew’s School, DE (4)
St. George’s (4)
St. Mark’s (7)
St. Paul’s (2)
Suffield (4)
Tabor (11)
Taft School (2)
Vermont Academy (1)
Westminster School (2)
Williston Northampton (9)


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